$10,000 Design Contest for STEM

Have you checked out the Girls in IT report created by NCWIT (National Center for Women in Technology)? If you haven’t yet, here is a visual sneak peak:
Chart showing women and men entering STEM career paths

Wow, right? Now the above graph is solely focused on computer science, but it’s likely safe to assume that if we visualized the same stats for all aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), we’d recognize the same, underwhelming trend.
The future of our country’s success in technology depends on our young girls and boys getting engaged in STEM right now. They can master smart phones, tablets, the Internet, gaming, and social media but far too few have little knowledge regarding “how” it all works.
I’ve read many reports similar to this one that state many young girls are interested in STEM until about age 12 and then that interest declines due to many social factors. It’s just not cool to be a female math geek in middle school.
It’s just not cool to be a female math geek in middle school. Let’s change that! http://bit.ly/10eiaMT [tweet this]
So how can we, if at all, change this trend? There are many resources out there right now for young girls, many of which I’ve talked about here. Just sharing one of these resources with a middle school student today is a way to help break the cycle, but we want to do more.
As part of the 2013 TopCoder Open, we’ve decided to do something unique. We are putting the call out to designers all over the United States to help us make a change in that chart above.

info from http://www.topcoder.com/blog/getting-girls-into-stem-focused-careers-an-open-challenge-to-you/