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Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

Leonardo had many friends and students. As for love relationships, reliable information on this subject is not as Leonardo carefully hid this side of his life. He is married and he was not, of novels with women no reliable information. In some versions, Leonardo was in touch with Cecilia Gallerani, mistress Ludovic Moreau, with whom he wrote his famous painting "Lady with an Ermine." Several authors, following the words of Vasari, suggest an intimate relationship with the youths, including students (Salai), others believe that in spite of the painter's homosexuality, relationships with students were not intimate. 
Leonardo was present at the date of King Francis I from Pope Leo X in Bologna, 19 December 1515. Francis requested the master to design a mechanical lion that could walk out of my chest which appeared to a bouquet of lilies. Perhaps the lion king welcomed in Lyon or used during negotiations with the pope. In 1516, Leonardo accepted an invitation from the king and lived in the castle of Clos-Luce, near the royal castle of Amboise. Here he spent the last three years living with his friend and disciple, Francesco Melzi, receiving a pension about 10000 poor. In France, Leonardo is almost painted. At the master's right hand was numb and he could hardly move without assistance. For the third year of life in Amboise 67-year-old Leonardo spent in bed. April 23, 1519, he left a will, and died May 2, surrounded by students and their masterpieces at Clos-Luce. According to Vasari, da Vinci died at the hands of King Francis I, his close friend. This malodostovernaya, but widespread in France legend is reflected in the paintings of Ingres, Angelica Kauffmann, and many other painters


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