Walk One Mile

We all know walking is good for you, but we can never find time to do it. Now, there is a way to make it simple and you can check it off your list every day.
A prime time that you can walk,
(1) First thing in the morning - get up a little bit earlier, walk 15 minutes at moderate speed.
(2) During your lunch Break - take a shorter lunch then after lunch, go out and take a walk around the building or inside the building (if you have access to a large indoor facility). You can time yourself for 15 minutes or count steps (about 2250) or use Fitbit type of tool to help you keeping track.
(4) After Dinner - this is my favorite, my stomach doesn't like it when I ate too much which happened quite often during dinner time. But every time I walk after dinner, it feels really good!

You can walk with your friend(s) or walk alone because 15 minutes goes by very fast, but it would give you a jump start if you can do it every day. If you do walk alone, make sure it's a safe area and you are well protected (dress warm or cool depends on the seasons). If the weather is not ideal for walking, you can walk at home. This probably won't give you the same result, as the movement of propelling forward requires more energy and produce a better outcome. To solve the problem, find a bigger area in the house, and move up and down a few steps. while you are moving, make sure your arms are moving too (you can swing up and down).