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We all like to walk into a clean and tidy home, but it's not easy to keep it that way all the time while your daily schedule is full already. But if you can spare 15 minutes a day, think of it as part of your exercise or 'alone-time ritual, then you can keep your home tidy and clean ALL THE TIME by devoting 15 minutes A DAY by following the basic rules. 

1. Set the Timer to 15 Minutes. STOP at 15 minutes.
2. Have your cleaning supply in ONE basket (or organizer)
3. Pick An area or Areas EACH DAY, you can have them laid out as a schedule (for example, Day 1: Kitchen, Day 2: Bathroom, Day 3: Living Room ....) or just pick your target area(s) that day.
4. Key for picking an area, make sure it's POSSIBLE to finish cleaning in 15 Minutes, if the area is really large, then you can separate out the duties. (for example Day 1: vacuum only, Day 2: Clean the counter and cabinet surface area)
5. Be consistent and don't give up! It depends on the condition of your home, it may take one week or weeks to see the results, but you will find that you become very efficient in cleaning in 15 minutes. The beauty of setting the timing for 15 minutes is you WANT to finish the area(s) that you intend to finish cleaning that day, so you will be pleasantly surprised how much you can get done in just 15 Minutes!
Good Luck and let us know how you like the method.