VR Care

Lately, I had heard about a lot of elder parents that need long-term care. The realization made me sad but also made me think about how to prepare myself for old age. When I am old, I don't want to burden my children, and I do not want strangers in the nursing home to tend to my need. I want to live in my own house and live an independent life.

I am not naive, I know there are a lot of challenges, but we are living in a world that technology accelerates at an incredible speed. It would be not impossible even with today's technology, but improved technology would just make it even better. For example, self-driving care and VR are in a very advanced stage, so in a few years, we should be able to combine the two and make elderly (or disabled people) do not need to rely on relatives or hire someone to care for them.

What are the basic needs for aging parents to be able to live independently? 

Food - this can be taken care of by food delivery.

Taking Medication - this can be taken care of by using apps or VR for reminders and logging.

Cleaning - this can be taken care of by a cleaning service

Entertaining - there will be plenty of entertainment available on TV or VR

Social - there will be group easy to set up or join remotely by using VR or other Apps

Mental Sharpness - Games or Exercise will be provided by VR or Apps

Pay Bills - This can be set up automatically by a trusted relative or company

Answer Phones - smartphone will automatically filter out calls

Arrange Doctor Visits - this can be set up by Apps or VR and order Self-Driving or Uber service

Psychological (Depression?) - Physical and Mental evaluations are done on a regular basis by App or VR

Excercise - a programmed, designed, and guided exercises program is provided by Apps or VR

Currently, the VR machine is not quite suitable for the elderly, they will either forget to wear it or not use it correctly. a TV type of VR is more suitable, a program and real person communication should take place on a regular basis.