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Play Tennis

Are you looking for a workout that is fun and beneficial? Try out Tennis! Tennis is an easy sport to get into and provides a lot of health benefits.


Excellent Tennis Health Benefits

All exercise and workout programs are good for you, some take a lot of time, some cost a lot of money, and some could be quite boring. Tennis is an inexpensive way of working out. In addition to health benefits, it also provides social benefits when you play with partners or a group.

** Great Cardio Workout

In playing Tennis, for beginner or advanced players, you need to run, jump, walk, and swing your arms constantly. All these activities give you a great cardio workout. It improves your aerobic capability and gets your blood flow pumping. This in terms will help your blood pressure, and lower the risk of heart attack, disease, or stroke.

** Burn Calories

While you are busying yourself playing, hitting the balls, picking up the balls, running around the court, your whole body is getting a complete workout, depending on how long and how hard you are playing, but burning some calories is definitely in the picture.

** Increase balance and flexibility

In order to play tennis, you need to coordinate your eyes, hands, foot, legs, arms, and torso. all these activities require a balanced and flexible body. This is quite important for older adult who tends to lose their balance as they age.

** Tone muscles

All the movement you had done is excellent for toning your muscles, especially your arms and legs, Tennis is a true sport for the whole body workout, it's a great way of strength training.

** Improve Brain Health

The constant correlations between eyes and body is a non-stop workout for your body as well as your brain, In order to play well, you have to think fast and move quickly. These are excellent remedies to improve your memory and learning which contributed to your overall brain health.

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