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Walk a Mile

Walking is truly the best exercise that you can do at any time, any where, any health condition at any age. You can adjust your pace based on your physical level. You can do it alone or walk with a friend or walk with a group. Walking in different speed or different elevation would result in very different workouts. Consult your doctors if you have any concerns, but in general, it is safe and beneficial for everyone to enjoy. 

How to Start

Depends on where you live or work, you should be able to find a safe and pleasant walk route. For example, your neighborhood, school tracks and parks all provide excellent options for you to get started. You do not need to buy an expensive equipment or start a gym membership in order to enjoy the benefit of walking. 

Keep a Log or Fitness Watch

In general, we are recommended to walk 10,000 steps a day. But it's hard to keep track, so having a Fitness watch would make the task easier, and remind you to walk.

How to Stay motivated

Starting a walking program takes initiative. Sticking with it takes commitment. To stay motivated:

Walk with a Friend or Family members  Walking is kind of boring if you do so by yourself, but if you walk with someone, you can walk for hours without knowing what you already. Not only does this serves the purpose of fitness, but also gives you a chance to socialize with your friends.

Listen to an Audio Book or Upbeat Music Listen to music that you love or an interesting mystery novel will make you forget that you are walking. Do pay attention to traffics if you are walking on streets. I found the best place to walk alone is tracks, 4 rounds will give you an mile! 

Make it a routine  Do it after lunch or dinner, make it a routine, then you will do it more often, and doesn't feel like a chore

Change route or routine. If you walk every day on the same route, it could get boring, if possible, change and plan different routes, so it is easier to keep your newfound habit.

Walk at home on a rainy or cold day we tell ourselves that is raining or cold so we don't walk, after a few days, we lost the routine. make sure you walk on the Treadmill or follow walking videos at home. So your body remembers that you need to walk frequently.

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